Redesigning Endpoints, Creating Linodes with Backup Service, and Rebuilding Linodes

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It’s interesting how some of the biggest challenges we sometimes face as programmers have nothing to do with programming. Creating great products takes us beyond the ones and zeros and requires us to think more like “normal” people. How will it be used? How can we make it better? Can we solve the age-old problem of making a product easier for our customers and still maintain good design principles at the same time?

Redesigning Endpoints

For several weeks we had numerous discussions over endpoints. As we started interfacing the API with our new Manager, it became clear that having all of our endpoints as a part of the top-level namespace was inelegant and needed to change. Inconsistencies in our naming conventions were also tripping us up a bit, so we decided to take the time now to tighten things up and iron out problems… sooner rather than later.

The solution was to create endpoint groups, which afforded us better organization and some layers of separation amongst our product lines, services, and utilities. Programmatically they do not do much, but as an interface they are much cleaner. (A complete list of what’s changed is at the bottom of this post.)

There are more changes to come, more endpoints that we’ll be refactoring, and certainly new endpoints for parity and feature rollouts, but we could only do so many in an interation and wanted to focus on the most prominent first.

“Services” Gone, Hello “Types”

We’re always looking forward with the future in mind, and one thing we decided was to rename the term “services” to “types” in places referring to what “type” of Linode you want to spin up. This term change allows us to expand the API to include more features moving forward. An example of its use can be seen with one of our new features - creating linodes with backup service already enabled

Creating Linodes With Backup Service Enabled

One small oversight from past API development cycles was, admittedly, the omission of logic to enable the Backup Service upon creation of a Linode. We recitifed that, and you can now enable the service by using the with_backup attribute:

$ curl -X POST \
    -H "Authorization: token $TOKEN" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ \
            -d '{"with_backup":"true","datacenter":"newark","type":"standard-1"}'

Rebuilding a Linode

Another feature added is the ability to rebuild your Linode. Syntax is straightforward:

$ curl -X POST \
    -H "Authorization: token $TOKEN" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ \
        -d '{"distribution":"linode/debian8","root_pass":"abc123"}'

What’s next on our list? Finishing NodeBalancer support is still a high priority, as well as completing IP address support. We will continue the refactoring and addition of endpoints as well, so look for those, too.

Endpoint Name Changes

Old Endpoint New Endpoint
/linodes /linode/instances
/linodes/:id /linode/instances/:id
/linodes/:id/disks /linode/instances/:id/disks
/linodes/:id/disks/:id /linode/instances/:id/disks/:id
/linodes/:id/disks/:id/resize /linode/instances/:id/disks/:id/resize
/linodes/:id/disks/:id/password /linode/instances/:id/disks/:id/password
/linodes/:id/disks/:id/configs /linode/instances/:id/disks/:id/configs
/linodes/:id/disks/:id/configs/:id /linode/instances/:id/disks/:id/configs/:id
/linodes/:id/boot /linode/instances/:id/boot
/linodes/:id/reboot /linode/instances/:id/reboot
/linodes/:id/shutdown /linode/instances/:id/shutdown
/linodes/:id/backups /linode/instances/:id/backups
/linodes/:id/enable /linode/instances/:id/enable
/linodes/:id/cancel /linode/instances/:id/cancel
/linodes/:id/restore /linode/instances/:id/restore
/linodes/:id/ips /linode/instances/:id/ips
/distributions /linode/distributions
/distributions/:id /linode/distributions/:id
/distributions/recommended /linode/distributions (uses filter)
/kernels /linode/kernels
/kernels/latest /linode/kernels/linode/latest
/kernels/latest_64 /linode/kernels/linode/latest_64
/stackscripts /linode/stackscripts
/stackscripts/mine /linode/stackscripts (uses filter)
/services /linode/types
/services/:id /linode/types/:id
/dnszones /dns/zones
/dnszones/:id /dns/zones/:id
/dnszones/:id/records /dns/zones/:id/records
/dnszones/:id/records/:id /dns/zones/:id/records/:id

Your feedback has been very helpful to us, so keep it coming. Don’t forget to stop by #linode-next on oftc to let us know how it’s going, and stay tuned at our github for updates to our open-source projects.