Drew DeVault

Published 17 Aug 2016 by Drew DeVault

Connecting our API to Redux with higher-order functions

In our work on the new Linode Manager, we’ve put some effort into finding reusable ways to manage information from our API with the Manager’s Redux store. We ended up building a module that uses higher order functions to generate Redux reducers and action creators for this purpose.

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Josh Sager

Published 14 Aug 2016 by Josh Sager

IP Addresses in the Alpha API

In our latest development rollout of the Alpha API, we’ve started adding networking capabilities, beginning with public and private IPs for your Linodes. This means both IP types will soon be available in the new Linode Manager sometime in the near future.

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William Smith

Published 26 Jul 2016 by William Smith

API Alpha Label Rollout

After two more weeks of brain power and coffee, we have another fresh batch of updates for the API V4 Alpha! This time around we’ve put a lot of effort into rolling out labels for the majority of resources that didn’t use them, as well as some bug fixes and assorted improvements. We’ve also laid the foundation for upcoming features.

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James Ottinger

Published 07 Jul 2016 by James Ottinger

API Alpha upgrades Plan, adds Labels, improves Backups, UTC

We are proud to announce another round of features and improvements to the API Alpha. With this release, we’re upgrading the test Linode plan, doing even more cool things with Backups in our API Alpha environment, adding labels, and changing how time works. We’ve also added some capacity to our API Alpha environment, as it keeps growing in popularity!

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Josh Sager

Published 22 Jun 2016 by Josh Sager

Backups Added to API Alpha

As development of the new API progresses in tandem with our work on the new manager, we wanted to introduce functionality that our Linode manager has but our current API does not. Backups seemed to be the logical choice, and we’re pleased to announce that its initial integration - enabling, restoring from backups, and snapshots - is now live and available for alpha consumption.

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